Friday, November 05, 2004

Bible study

Bible study has been an unusual experience for me. Every time we have Bible study something is said that is confirmed in the next church service by someone in the pulpit.

  • Off tangent, I explained the difference between praise and worship. The following Wednesday night (same week), Brother Craft began explaining the same thing at the beginning of service.
  • When studying the Israelites leaving Egypt, we looked at Kadesh-Barnea and I explained about the spies and how the Israelites decided to believe the naysayers. The next Wednesday night, Brother Dan Clark filled in for the pastor and he mentioned Kadesh-Barnea in his sermon, which was about deciding against negative decisions.
  • Last Wednesday night Bro. Craft preached about the prodigal son, but he entitled his sermon "What is God Like?" This really ministered to Kathy Clark who had cried at the Bible study when talking about her "prodigal son" Melvin.

I am excited about Bible study at my house; I believe I'm doing what God wants me to do, although I know I need further study and prayer for it to be fully anointed and to meet the needs of these ladies.